INFor overcomes its challenges

INFor overcomes its challenges, thanks to its employees and implementing partners

« 12,000 young school-leavers, including respectively 5,000 and 7,000 young people out of school from rural and urban areas in Analamanga, Atsimo Andrefana, Menabe, Atsinanana and Analanjirofo regions had the chance benefit from vocational training responding to the existing economic opportunities in their regions between 2015 and 2018 ».

This is the result of the cooperation of MEETFP via INFor, the Regional Directors of the Technical Education and Vocational Schools, the WFP, UNESCO and UNIDO. These are the direct impacts of the cooperation of MEETFP via INFor through these implementing partners.

« I guarantee that 65% of these young people were able to find work directly according to the monitoring and evaluations that my team and I performed on the field. I preferred to carry out the monitoring-evaluation myself to see the results on the field. I am satisfied with the efforts we have made, but I was sick to learn that these young people do not have decent work. For the moment, it is essential to know that at least these young people are happy to have work and to have been able to create their own jobs. »

Photo credit: Midi Madagasikara
Photo credit: Midi Madagasikara

During field study, INFor team found that Malagasy youth have the will to start up their businesses, but the latter do not know how to create opportunities and transform them. All this implies the need to implement the Entrepreneurship program throughout the Malagasy education system.

Positive result

From 2015 to 2018, INFor was able to train 2,300 teachers with its own budgets; 25 methodologists including 14 Competency-based approach Engineering Consultants with the financial support of the International Organization of the Francophony, 25 trainers of trainers in entrepreneurship introduction in partnership with UNIDO and 25 trainers of trainers in andragogy and professional pedagogy with the support of the ISCAM. Nevertheless, the training of teachers and the training of the personnel of the vocational schools importantly influenced the increase of the success rate at the Baccalaureate degree in Madagascar. « If the teachers have received quality trainings, they would easily have passed on their knowledge to the learners. Teachers must be given the place they deserve. I taught in junior high schools as a non-permanent teacher before becoming a university lecturer, I understand and know what teachers and teachers of colleges and high schools feel.  »

Considering the shortness of its budget, INFor has efficiently worked thanks to the cooperation with UNESCO, UNIDO, IOF, WFP, UNEVOC Bonn, IST Diégo, CBM, YALI Madagascar, YLTP and Generation Citizen Madagascar.

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