Activity report of the UNEVOC Center – INFor by Dr. Sabir Ratovonasy

Dr. Sabir Ratovonasy presented to partners of the UNEVOC Center – INFor the results of his management of this center in Madagascar on Wednesday, February 28, 2017.

Since 2015

The year Dr. Sabir Ratovonasy led the UNEVOC Center – INFor, the center has been able to write 61 curricula, including 14 curricula renewals which already existed and 47 newly written curricula according to the Competences-Based Approach (Approche Par Compétences).

From 2015 to date

The UNEVOC Center – INFor was able to train 25 technicians in Approaches by competences of which 14 became Consultants in Competence-Based Approach Engineering (CIACP). The training of these 25 people was supported by the International Organization of Francophony. They were trained by Ms. Sonia Michaud, Executive Director of CCNB Canada.

Thanks to this cooperation with the UNEVOC Center – INFor and the IOF, the Training in Computer Maintenance Technician is open at Alarobia Technical and Vocational High School. The CIACP and the INFor trainers are stakeholders in the opening of this new sector at LTP Alarobia.

Introduction of the Entrepreneurship Curricula Program in Madagascar

The UNEVOC Center – INFor in Madagascar has become an integral part of other Malagasy public institutions through the introduction of the Entrepreneurship Curricula Program in Madagascar. The Director of the Center himself has negotiated with UNIDO Vienna to introduce Entrepreneurial Culture into Malagasy Technical and Vocational High Schools. The writing of curricula in Entrepreneurship was completed in 2017 with the training of trainers in Entrepreneurship. Not only is the entrepreneurial culture will be introduced within Technical and Vocational High Schools but also in national education and higher education.

In 2015

The UNEVOC Center – INFor and the UNEVOC Center – IST Diégo-Suarez worked together to train the Technicians of the Technical Education and Vocational schools to apply their competences into their professions (see link below):

Since 2015

INFor’s Trainers of Trainers followed some professional capacity building training on andragogy and training of trainers applied with TNI of 1325 teaching staff in the Technical Education and Vocational Training. See also Our mission

A total of 134 administrative and technical staff within the MEETFP distributed throughout the island was also trained in Leadership and Management. These trainings are necessary for the improvement of the success rate at the Baccalaureate exam  in Madagascar.

Partnership with YALI Madagascar and Generation Citizen Madagascar in Civic Education

From 2016 to date

The UNEVOC Center – INFor has stood out in cooperation with the Senior Expert Service (SES) of the German Industrial Cooperation Foundation. Thanks to this cooperation, German experts are sent to Madagascar to strengthen the technical skills of Malagasy teachers in metal and wood work.

The UNEVOC Center – INFor is currently one of the leaders of the Open Educationnal Resources (OER) at the Ministry of Employement, Technical Education and Vocational Training (MEETFP). To maintain this leadership, the Center has invested in the installation of high-speed internet for its learners as well as its 40 employees. Thanks to this, computer literacy students, computer science students as well as ICT teachers from Malagasy TVETs visit or do internships every year at INFor.

The UNEVOC Center – INFor has seen its partners multiply in three years. From 2015 until today, the representative of the Groupement des Entreprises Malgaches or the Union of entreprises (a grouping of +400 companies distributed throughout the island) is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UNEVOC Center – INFor. Since 2015, INFor’s motto has become “Proactive to the needs of the Malagasy State and companies working in Madagascar”.

Other information

This year 2018, an employee of the center is elected President of the great trade union of Madagascar SEMPAMA for the Province of Antananarivo. The Director of the UNEVOC Center – INFor congratulated him personally. Cooperation with the trade unions is necessary according to the Director of INFor. This center worked well thanks to the respect of the rights of its employees. The presence of an employee of the Center elected President of SEMPAMA is an asset for the center as well as for the Ministry, because SEMPAMA is a union recognized for its defense of social justice and decent employment in Madagascar.